Snowprogres - snowboard freeride, splitboard - szkolenia i campy

Day 11

Camper on Board
The project reaches the final countdown and will go down in history soon.
Heads full of questions. The soul is light. More awareness. A bit of life wisdom. Quite a lot of freeride, unappreciated places. Splitboard with people who have devoted time, chose separation, gave up … to feel new, unknown, difficult, dangerous, euphoric.
To be in the mountains, to be part of such a team is an honor and happiness. Joint decisions, solutions; joint fatigue. Outstanding ideas. Camper on Board is for freedom, mobility, changeability, joy. Just like in the mountains. Freeride is a phenomenon that covers much larger areas of our lives. It is a passion for us. It is the smell of morning coffee for us. It is fatigue for us, often a disappointment, pride, a childish quintessence of happiness that continues. Because my wife should be faked …
Thank you – Kasia, Asia, Krzychu, Szymon, Wiktor, Bart, Anioł, Kemal, Vanja, Adnan, Sarajevo ASG Team, Maniek, Michał Gabruk, Rescue Bjeleśnica Boyz, Goran, Plave Miszka and many others Good people on the way of last 5000 km – Balkans.
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mountainguides, Montenegro

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