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New freeride project from Snowprogres team for Backcountry people. For nature & rock lovers, between fresh white snow… Away from civilization. Both a splitboard and a wide skis are possible. We are going to Montenegro, to explore a place not so much using by lovers of white.



FEB 2023




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Freeriding backcountry

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tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090

We’re going to Montenegro, a place little explored by lovers of white. Together with a licensed local guide and our experienced staff, we will show the areas that have largely not been riding yet. After reaching Plav, we change to off-road cars, and then on the skins to the first place of accommodation / base – to our house called “Prolog”. There, we leave everything for the descent unnecessary and work on lightly finishing the lines in the garden of our cottage. After two nights, we move deeper into the valley at 1,700 meters above sea level to the house, where we stay and ride the next few days sleeping together away from everything and close to … the best.
Both houses are rented only for us, besides there is no one in the area. The quintessence of freeride. On the skins from the cottage, exit to “bed”. The houses are not luxurious, but they have a wood stove, which in both places heats both the whole house and is used for cooking. You get freeze-dried meals from us – LYO Food. Every day we go to the mountains, reaching new places. Choosing a terrain depending on the conditions, weather and level of riders. Small target group, nature, freeride, reflection, peace. For intermediate and wanting to experience the adventure. For bored resorts. For those who want to forget about the internet. For romantics, for the people of the Mountains.


10:00 meeting at the B&B hostel in Plav (address will be given before departure).
We leave the cars (we will return to them at the lasty day in the evening). We take things that we will need in the mountains (including sleeping bags, etc.).
Together with all the equipment, we change to off-road cars - transfer to the place where the approach begins.
Approach on seals about 40 min.
Accommodation in the "Prolog" cottage at 1500 meters above sea level.
Dinner and discussion of mountain activities the next days.
Avalanche ABC - theoretical classes. Equipment necessary for operations, discussion.
7:00 breakfast together.
Hourly practical activities with avalanche equipment (detector, probe, shovel) around the "Prolog" cottage.
Going to the mountains on seals with a local guide, working in the area of our part of the valley.
Return to the cottage in the afternoon (depending on weather conditions, snow conditions and participants' skills we will implement more or less demanding approaches / descents).
Obligatory checking and preparation of equipment by everyone.
7:00 common breakfast
7:30 going to the mountains with a local guide (we only take things for freeride / mountain activities).
Exit to the cottage (early afternoon). We pack the other equipment. Walk about 1 hour to another cottage around 1700mnpm.
We are constantly assisted by a local guide.
Accommodation and smoking in the oven 🙂
Half board ..
Checking and packing the equipment.
7:00 common breakfast
7:30 mountan trip with a guide.
Operation (approaches and descents in the new area, much deeper in the valley).
Reunion / return to the "Matka" cottage.
Checking and packing the equipment.
7:00 common breakfast
7:30 trip to the mountains with a guide in search of fresh snow.
Exit / return to the cottage in the afternoon.
Half board.
Checking and packing the equipment.
7:00 common breakfast
7:30 going to the mountains with a guide in search of fresh snow.
Exit / return to the cottage in the afternoon.
Half board.
Checking and packing the equipment.
7:00 common breakfast
7:30 mountaineering with a guide, freeride.
Back to the cottage, we pack all the equipment and all things.
Exit / descent to the agreed place, where off-road cars will be waiting for us.
Transfer to B&B in Plav.
19:00 traditional dinner in a restaurant.
Exchange of experiences, summary, viewing photos 🙂
Overnight in B&B, green night!
6:00 Breakfast.
Car packing.
7:00 departure in own cars / end of "NATURE SILENCE PROJECT".

The framework plan may change depending on weather conditions, snow conditions on the slopes or avalanche danger.

Include price

• 6 nights in huts.
• 1 night at B&B Plav.
• Transfer from the hotel in Plav to the place where you start approaching the first cottage.
• 6 breakfasts.
• 6 dinners. • 1 dinner in Plav (after returning from the mountains).
• Qualified staff of Polish instructors.
• Local mountain guide.
• Avalanche training: * Theory (familiarization with specialist avalanche equipment), * Practice (simulated rescue operation).

Cost not included:

• Travel costs (own transport).
• Insurance.
• Specialized equipment (avalanche ABC, displacement backpack)
• Splitboard / skitouring equipment.

Obligatory to take out insurance, which has an increase in winter sports, including off-road driving and OC Sport. This can be done via PROGRES (in advance!) Or with the selected insurer on your own. Please, inform and send to a copy of a valid insurance certificate before the start of the project. this type of insurance is mandatory and is verified by PROGRES SNB before taking action in the mountains, a NATURE SILENCE CAMP participant will not be allowed to operate in the mountains without the insurance mentioned above.

During the trip, there may be changes in plans for reasons beyond our control, unpredictable situations may occur. We ask for your understanding. 🙂

Required equipment for the trip:

• Down sleeping bag (sufficient for sleeping in the winter in a tent (about 1000 grams of down - depending on personal preferences and a feeling of cold)).
• Inflatable foam pad.
• Splitboard, dedicated splitboard bindings, skins properly cut, telescopic poles. Snowboard / splitboard shoes. - preferably with a hinged back to approach). Equipment prepared for off-route activities, functional, properly set up and known to the participant in action.
• Skitour / freetour skis (freeride / proper width). Freetour bindings / approaches and descents in all kinds of snow. Ski skins. Ski boots adapted for off-piste climbs and descents. Harches / knives. Poles (not necessarily telescopic / folding, according to preferences).
• Appropriate clothing for approaches and descents in difficult winter conditions in the mountains, helmet + goggles + sunglasses! Gloves for approaches and descents (two pairs for descents). Possible change of clothes, stay in the cottage and outside of the mountain, according to your preferences.
• Buoyancy / avalanche backpack with the possibility of attaching / attaching / carrying a board / skis / poles / ice axes etc. Each participant should have the necessary knowledge in which configuration his equipment can be strapped / attached to his backpack.
• Headlamp
• Crampons, harness, pickax. Twisted carabiner x 2. Slot tape min80cm.
• Fully charged telephone with SOS phone number and guide phone number and tel number of the rest of the group (optional non-current charger / solar batteries / power bank etc.).
• UV filter cream, lip stick.
• Wet tissues.
• Antibacterial gel (without water!)
• "Repair equipment" - e.g. zip / tretics, water resistant adhesive tape, piece of wire for possible quick repairs, multitool, knife, etc.)
• First-aid kit properly equipped, nrc foil, chemical heaters.
Water bottle / thermos


• Walkie talkie,
• second ice ax,
• second bench tape.
• ice glasses,
• 20m retort 0.5-0.7cm,
bars, energy gels, etc.

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tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090
W razie jakichkolwiek wątpliwości związanych z NATURE SILENCE PROJECT osoby zainteresowane prosimy o kontakt osobisty z Progres Team.

W sprawach organizacyjnych , płatności, terminów itp. Joanna +48 504 054 043
W tematach dotyczących sprzętu lub/i działań górskich itp. Anioł +48 501 684 090

Projekt NATURE SILENCE w swojej istocie nie zmierza do bardzo trudnych zjazdów, ani do technicznych podejść wymagających od uczestników umiejętności wspinaczki, czy alpinizmu.
Sprzęt ww to niezbędna profilaktyka i zabezpieczenie wszystkich uczestników działań.
Nie podlega wątpliwości , że bezpieczeństwo Nas wszystkich jest priorytetem dla Progres Freeride Team. Dlatego również będzie z Nami działał zaprzyjaźniony i współpracujący ze Snowprogres już wcześniej, licencjonowany przewodnik wysokogórski z Czarnogóry. Zna On teren Naszych działań bardzo dobrze oraz tradycyjnie doświadczeni, Darek „Anioł” Engel i Bartek Szczepanik, którzy w zeszłym roku chodzili i jeździli już w tym terenie.
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