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Trainings in SNOWPROGRES

The trainings are divided into several specifications so as to get closer to the needs and meet the expectations of our Riders. All courses are conducted by qualified and experienced instructors who, despite their considerable snowboarding experience, train each year and develop methodical / training skills. Each class is preceded by a short warm-up and a few words of introduction regarding safety on the slopes and in the field. The whole is conducted according to the guidelines of SITS (Association of Snowboard Instructors and Coaches), which trains us so that we can train you more efficiently and safely.


Trainings for people starting their adventure with the board include the phases: getting acquainted with the equipment and its operation, safety on the slopes, learning how to ride the lift, we will also show what, how, when and why.


For people who have the basics behind them. Still, they were not feeling confident on the board and wanting to get this confidence.


During these classes (theoretically and practically) aspects of improving snowboarding are raised. Through 7 basic riding techniques and switch, freestyle elements, off-piste riding, the basics of freeride. We focus on details that often significantly affect the entire course of the technique or the element being trained.


Classes in the snowpark, where you will have the opportunity to learn on hops and rails / boxes, correct mistakes that inhibit further progress, or try completely new things. We also run a lot of freestyle classes outside the snowpark, where in a pleasant atmosphere we "influence the better feeling of the board". Buttering (i.e. a lot of elements on the slopes, i.e. press, noserolle / tailrolls, flat turns, olives ... etc.) what can be done with a board without a hill and handrail, still doing freestyle. A lot of fun, joy and surprise from progress without fear. We invite everyone!


The training includes:
- Being in the winter in the mountains,
- Off-route movement (splitboard / snowshoes - we rent for an extra charge).
- Off-piste riding, visualization of journeys (we match the difficulty of the train to the skills of the students),
- Freeride training,
- Practical training on the subject of: threat in the mountains / avalanches,
- Practical training with avalanche equipment (shovel, probe, work on avalanche detectors, walkie-talkies) the use and operation of an ABS backpack (practice, firing at an extra charge),
- We record rides and training classes (GoPro). We ship processed edits.

Avalanche trainings

This segment of education is dedicated not only to efficient riders but also to people who do not use boards or skis in the mountains. Classes are intended for people who want to act consciously and safely (mainly in winter) in the mountains. Our school suggests everyone broadening horizons and exploring issues related to safety in the mountains / in the snow. We will show you how to prepare and plan mountain ideas. What not to wear and what to always have with you. How to observe the weather and terrain. What to avoid and what to do absolutely. How to behave during an emergency (avalanche descent) and conduct the search and rescue as soon as possible (alone or in a group) after being covered by an avalanche. The training is divided into a theoretical part, during which we try to introduce the topics of safe movement in the field and become familiar with the equipment. The second (practical) part is action during a simulated search and rescue operation using a detector, courts, shovels.

We operate on the highest quality equipment in cooperation with our sponsors / partners (ABS - buoyancy backpacks / avalanches, Black Diamond - avalanche probes and shovels, crampons, ice axes etc., Mammut - avalanche detectors, Motorola - radios / communication, TSL snowshoes, Pajak - specialized high-mountain clothing, GoPro - registration of activities and analyzes).

Let's remember that we train not only for ourselves. In the mountains, the health or lives of others may depend on our skills.

Reserve your spot

tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090


Solo trainings

( SOLO, max 3 people)
1 person – 1h / 80 zł
2 people – 1h / 140 zł
3 people – 1h / 180 zł

Group trainings

( MULTIPACK, from 4 to 8 people)
Each person in the group – 1h / 50 zł

Splitboard trainings

No equipment - 1 person – 1h/100 zł
With equipment - 1 person – 1h/150zł
Avalanche Basics – 1 day / 150zł


1 person– 1h / 100 zł

Avalanche trainings

1 person – 200 zł
* Groups over 5 people - prices are negotiable
* 10% discount for many hours trainings
* Depending on the place of training, the cost of the instructor's pass is covered by PROGRES Snowboard School or the client / student
* We issue a VAT invoice at the client's request

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