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Heli Camp is a trip for people who want to experience a special time. A lot of training intensity and disciplined action in the mountains along with the art of compromise and patience.

Emotions fall during avalanche and backcountry training, but reach their zenith during the first flight. Due to our several years of experience, we offer up to 10 flights / exits during one camp. The experienced euphoria is not only related to the helicopter, because the riding terrain is undoubtedly even more exciting!





Muntele Mic, Borlova Caras – Severin, Romania


1500 EURO


Heliboarding, heliskiing

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tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090

Exotic Romania, nearby. The Muntele Mic tourist complex is located in the Tarcului Mountains in the Southern Carpathians. The highest point is the Tarcu peak – 2190 m a.s.l. Four massifs can be distinguished in this region, three of them form one band, while the fourth is cut off from the others by a valley. The complex and the ski station are at the foot of the highest peak of this range – this is Muntele Mic 1802 m a.s.l.

In these picturesque areas you’ll experience downhill skiing. Thanks to the support of specialists you will take a safe downhill full of adrenaline jumps. We invite you to participate in an unforgettable adventure in the snow with the board!

The plan

Arrival in the afternoon. Transfer of luggage from the car park to the hotel by snowmobile (a few minutes).
Accommodation, help from PROGRES SNB Team.
18:00 Dinner.
20:00 Organizational meeting.
8:00 Breakfast.
9: 00-11: 00 Training on the slopes with instructors (assignment to freeride groups).
12:00 Avalanche training - THEORY. Directly after the lecture, practical training, avalanche with the use of ABC - detector, probe, shovel. (simulated rescue operation)
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Organizational meeting. Helicopter and security.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:00 Transfer to the valley - HELIBOARDING - up to 5 flights / exits person.
Return to the hotel.
18:00 Dinner.
19:00 Meeting with the guide and discussion of the next day.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:00 Backcountry in the Tarcu massif with a guide.
18:00 Dinner.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:00 Transfer to the valley - HELIBOARDING - up to 5 flights / exits person.
18:00 Dinner.
8:00 Breakfast.
9:00 Backcountry.
18:00 Dinner.
8:00 Breakfast.
Check out by 10:00 baggage transfer to the car park and departure.

The presented framework travel plan is indicative. The order in which his points will be completed may change due to weather conditions.

Price includes

6 nights at the *** hotel
6 breakfasts
6 dinners
luggage transfer
pass for training and commuting on heli
avalanche training - theoretical lecture (familiarization with specialist avalanche equipment) and practical classes (simulation of rescue operations),
local mountain guide
2 days helicopter up to 5 flights / exits per day for each person
resident assistance in the center
qualified training staff

Access on your own (4WD cars or CHAINS! )


We recommend buying insurance that has an increase in winter sports including off-road driving and OC Sport. This can be done via PROGRES SNB (in advance!). Or with the selected insurer on your own.

This type of insurance is mandatory and verified by PROGRES SNB before taking action in the mountains. A participant in Heli Camp Romania will not be allowed to operate in the mountains without the insurance mentioned above.

Required equipment for the trip:

• snb / ski equipment,
• backcountry equipment – rackets, splitboard, ski-touring skis
appropriate clothing for winter activities in the mountains,
• ABC (probe, shovel, detector),
• backpack with the possibility of attaching / carrying a board / skis,
• headlamp,
• goggles,
• two pairs of gloves,
• helmet
• a fully charged telephone with SOS number and the rest of the group.


• buoyancy / avalanche backpack,
• walkie-talkie,
• ice glasses,
• tool / pocket knife,
• mini first aid kit,
• water bottle / thermos flask,
• 20m retort 0.5-0.7cm,
• bars, energy gels,
• NRC foil,

What do Heli Camp look like?

See what Heli Camp looks like, run by Snowprogres

Claim your spot

tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090
Payment of the full amount is tantamount to trip notification.

If it is not possible to use the helicopter (weather, technical problems), we refund some of the costs incurred by the participants (applies only to the full training and stay package).

If you have questions or have trouble organizing specialized equipment for your trip, please contact us.
It is possible to arrange a transfer from the airport, with prior notification (optional extra).

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the trip.
The amounts are net amounts.

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