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Splitboard is a snowboard, which after spliting in half makes a perfect tool to walk uphill. After reaching desired destination, we just need to assemble the board again to one piece, change the bindings position and we’re ready to freeriding.

In splitboard, the most important is thethe possibility of free movement in areas distant from popular spots. Where it’s easy to ride, the surface gets smashed right after a fresh snow drop. That’s why, when trying to reach the untouched places, you have to move fast long distances in a terrain full of soft snow. That’s when the perfect solution is a board split in half, with specific boots and a set of tourism poles and – of course – the right dose of enthusiasm and curiosity to explore new mountain areas!

Splitboarding is a solution for people who want to train away from lifts.
It is a break from everyday life, it is freedom.
It allows you to explore untouched spaces, lets you discover yourself…

But first you have to think about where the idea came from. For a moment we will hook the 1960s, specifically 1965, when Snurfer was created. Intended as a toy that the American chemistry engineer Sherman Popen constructed for his daughter and combined two skis with each other. Jake Burton, one of three people whose construction activities led to the creation of snowboarding in the 70s, started his adventure on a snurfer.

In the early 90s another American – Bret “The Cowboy” Kobernick, takes a circular saw and cuts the snowboard along the longitudinal axis into two equal parts. Later, he implements skitur bindings into it, invents a way to re-connect the boards for the descent, thus creating the first splitboard.

A little later, Kobernick meets the owner of Voilé Mountain Equipment, who sees the potential for off-route use of this innovative solution.

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tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090


Splitboard Camp is for all those snowboarders who will be more than happy to face a few hours of climbing to choose the perfect line in powder. You can train individually or join a group of other participants who share their passion.

Take the opportunity to experience snowboarding in a whole new way. We will show you how splitboard actually works, it combines unlimited possibilities for exploring the mountains with snowboarding. For us it’s the whole world. Camping in the mountains, amazing rides and unforgettable moments.

Splitboard camps, which give you a unique opportunity to discover backcountry alongside the advantages of freeride, you can learn how to handle splitboard without problems. Our experienced and certified instructors plan the routes we will follow, provide support at all times, but also introduce you to the basics of avalanche safety, in theory and practice.

So that we can cultivate memories, almost all camps are crowned with a photo session.

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Training scope:

- familiarization with the equipment,
- approaches and returns techniques,
- ergonomics,
- effectiveness of actions,
- safety in the mountains,
- off-road driving (terrain selected to the skills of the students)

* Training with equipment rental (splitboard, seals, bindings, telescopic poles) 150 PLN / hour / person.
* Splitboard training - own equipment PLN 100 / hour / person.
* ABC loan - PLN 150 / day

The amounts are net amounts.

Reserve a spot

tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090


1 DAY – 150 PLN
7+ DAYS – 100 PLN / DAY


Rent equipment

tel.: +48 504 054 043 / +48 501 684 090

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