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Plan your 2020 snowboarding season in mountains of wild downhills at every corner.


In splitboard, the most important is the possibility of free travel in places far away from the popular ones.
Where it's easy to ride, the surface gets smashed right after a fresh snow drop. That's why, when trying to reach the untouched places, you have to move fast long distances in a terrain full of soft snow.

Snowprogres crew

The SNOWPROGRES crew is full of snowboarding, mountain, height and sport enthusiasts, alphinists, High Mountain Clubs members, snowboarding instructors with MSIT certifications, freeriders! Under their supervision, all of the preparations are conducted - they care about the safety on the runs, the adrenaline pumps, knowledge level and competences, that we transfer on our trainings.

Darek "Anioł" Engel

Founder and the owner of PROGRES Snowboard School

Joanna Konarska-Engel

Manager of PROGRES Snowboard School

Piotrek Litwiniuk

Experience high-altitude climber

Bartek Szczepanik

PROGRES instructor

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Opinions of our participants regarding our adventures, camps, freerides, bivouacs and treinings that we prepare

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