Snowprogres - snowboard freeride, splitboard - szkolenia i campy


PROGRESS Snowboard School

PROGRES Snowboard School provides trainings along PZS SITS guideliness (Polish Snoboard Associastion, Association of Snowboard Instructors and Coaches). The school has been created from the initiative of incredibly engaged people in the world of snowboarding. People, for whom snowboarding it's not 'just a sport', but a way of life. We are interconnected with the board since the late 90s', and as for mountains and snow - it goes as fas as day we were born. We act in different aspects - we train both rookies and advances riders, we organize camps in far away lands, we are judges on freestyle contests, we drive the snowparks, and last but not least, we obviously use splitboards/snowshoes to walk and ride around the fresh snow offroad. We love what we do, and we know what we're doing. We constantly improve our skills, gaining more and more certifications, to be able to ride and teach on the highest level there is. We fulfill our dreams and we help fulfilling others' dreams.

Snowprogres Team

The SNOWPROGRES crew is full of snowboarding, mountain, height and sport enthusiasts, alphinists, High Mountain Clubs members, snowboarding instructors with MSIT certifications, freeriders! Under their supervision, all of the preparations are conducted - they care about the safety on the runs, the adrenaline pumps, knowledge level and competences, that we transfer on our trainings.

Darek "Anioł" Engel

Founder and owner of PROGRES Snowboard School

Joanna Konarska - Engel

PROGRES Snowboard School Manager

Piotrek Litwiniuk

Experienced high-altitude climber

Bartek Szczepanik

PROGRES Instructor