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Action Masced Rescue

Action # Masked Rescuer

29.03. Sunday 20:00
Deposit 10 PLN and watch together, discuss with participants
expedition. The most important, however, support us
Ambulance rescuers at this demanding time.

❄️ Sale of “Progres Nature Silence” sweatshirts.
200 PLN (shipment on our side).
Other sizes:
Women 👩 M x 5, L x 2. Men 🧔 M x 4.
Pay on:
ZZOZ in Żywiec
ul. Sienkiewicza 52
34-300 Żywiec
Account number: 92 81 31 0005 0014 8920 2000 0080
To the address:
Write what size and address where to deliver 🤙
All the money collected will go to the emergency department
rescue. #FreerideHelps

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